Hydrotherapy (also known as aquatic or water therapy) is a low impact exercise that is carried out in water and is great for helping during the recovery process.
It includes a wide variety of exercises such as stretching and strength training and dependant on the injury, may even include additional aids which can be used in the water.

The sessions are carried out in a shallow, heated indoor pool, so they can continue throughout the entire year.

Fitness - a young couple (man and woman) doing sports and gymnastics or water aerobics under water in swimming pool or spa with dumbbells and instructor

Hydrotherapy sessions are under complete supervision and tailored to each participant depending on their level of ability. Our Exercise Physiologist will work with you during this time to make sure we are reaching your treatment goals on the way to your recovery.

Hydrotherapy is conducted off-site with our Exercise Physiologist at both our Arncliffe and Guildford Clinics. If you would like any further information, please contact your closest Physio Interactive clinic.

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