Workers Compensation & CTP Claims

Have you been injured in a car accident? After a Motor Vehicle Accident, just like your car, your body will need to see a specialised “mechanic” to help repair its injuries. The key to repairing your body after enduring trauma is to seek help as soon as possible post injury. Here at Physio Interactive, our Physiotherapists are great human mechanics that can help you repair your body.

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Young man rubbing his aching neck, looking tired from driving. Male driver having neck pain, sitting in his car

Have you been injured in a workplace accident? Physiotherapy can be a great tool to help you recover from your workplace injury. All our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiotherapists at Physio Interactive are SIRA Accredited and are qualified to in assessing and treating all Workers Compensation and CTP claims.

We understand that being injured is a stressful and difficult time, that why from the initial injury and consultation, to your final appointment, our Physiotherapists will consult with you and your treating parties to make sure you are getting the most from each of your treatment.

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